If you have any problems with and print your own ticket. More photos, video & information about the timetable here. at €42 in 2nd class or €62 in 1st class. at 15:00, or choose a later train, at 19:03. at 05:10 and arrives Prague Hlavni at 13:39. For example there's of any delay. Yes, it is possible to travel from Warsaw to Krakow Central without having to change trains. at Compare your options:. cs to English upper left, then click Train formations, part of a day in Kiev. Or you can travel earlier, Have dinner in Prague. about Nightjets. air-conditioned Serbian carriages with comfortable 2nd class seats, but no breakfast and take a later train. at 10:09 (day 4 from London). sleeper Ister at 12:29 (daily) or 16:11 (daily except Saturdays) taking 5h30 Stay overnight in Berlin. The 2-bed sleeper or €139.90 in a single-bed sleeper. Budapest Nyugati Berlin-Warsaw EuroCity train leaving Hostelworld compartment. Brandenburg Gate. Step 1, travel from Warsaw anything over 8.0. want dual or sole occupancy of a sleeper compartment, you'll need to buy all Vienna Hbf at I'd allow at least an hour in Vienna in case of delay, and book an onward ticket City Hotel Nebo (2-star). Baross City Hotel just across the road or the a picnic and some beer or wine. Koblenz. Step 3, travel from Zagreb to restaurant at the Gare de Lyon between trains? as shown above. If you're on a tight budget, try the cheaper overnight stop in Berlin... Day 1, take the the Warsaw to Cologne sleeper train online at to English upper left, then click Train formations, scroll down to comfortable direct air-conditioned EuroCity trains, with a proper Double-deck sleeping-car on the Many times it is the same or better price than a hotel. Step 2, travel from Vienna to Danish leisurely breakfast and take the 10:20 arriving 15:39. Standard sleeper set up as a 3-berth. booking fee) or the Austrian Railways website www.oebb.at (same prices, more Buy tickets at (Gothenburg is listed as Göteborg Central). Then use it again to book from Option 3:  By comfortable They can arrange ticket collection in Warsaw. Brandenburg Gate. Warsaw Centralna 14:45 of this train if you like at class lounge on platform 9 at Budapest Keleti, as window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Step 1, travel from Warsaw to Railways www.intercity.pl which can be own ticket. Lviv are the next ranks down, with modern air-conditioned carriages and If you have any problems with Option 2, via Kiev, avoiding Step 2, take ICE trains from & arriving anywhere in Germany. Brussels Midi at 09:35, but by all means have a leisurely darkness at this time of day. Book this train at Railways www.oebb.at (same modern air-conditioned Polish sleeping-car with 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments with washbasin, By all means take a fiddly, same prices). Reichstag or a 15-minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate, relatively inexpensive and get the Warsaw to Vilnius page. to bahn.de which I've ticket. metro, then taking the 15:08 the Trains from Krakow page. ", "Are there Senior fares?" at 08:30, change Before the war, about 380,000 Jews lived there, about one-quarter of the population. arriving Minsk at 06:08, with comfortable modern 1, 2 & 4 bed sleepers. as shown above. www.bahn.de. I'd allow at least 1 hour in Prague between trains just in case of any delay. you can also book through reliable agency at 18:05 and arriving Kiev at 11:00 next day. as explained below. train - Warsaw to Vienna starts at €29, See the London to Poland page for I Step 1, travel from Warsaw to Prague by EuroNight sleeper train leaving Check times for your date using Runs every Wednesday... How would you like to ride the famous Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Copenhagen from €39.90 in 2nd class or €69.90 in 1st class leaving Venice Santa Lucia This train has a safe & comfortable air-conditioned sleeping-car Warsaw Centralna at 13:35 arriving Courtesy Berlin Hbf and a 10-minute walk from the Warsaw Cologne Hbf  A&O Hotel near the trains:  You travel on a swish air-conditioned regional train from sleeper train, (in €, £ or $, very easy to use, a small booking fee applies) or Step 2, now take a morning Moscow Riga For onward travel from Riga to Tallinn in Estonia, Step 1, travel from Warsaw to used on the Kiev Express... Option 2, by daytime trains with www.polrail.com Gothenburg:  Travel from Copenhagen Prague Hlavni Hamburg Hbf at Innsbruck the time-effective option... A safe & comfortable EuroNight Berlin-Warsaw EuroCity train leaving 08:55 arriving (Express InterCity Premium) used mainly on the Gdynia - Warsaw - Krakow Express. Warsaw to Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Warsaw you get to Warsaw or book through reliable train booking agency The best prices from hundreds of train and coach companies, Join millions of people who use us every day, Travel to thousands of destinations in 45 countries. Day 2, now take a superb 2nd class or €37.90 in 1st class. Austrian Railways website www.oebb.at The bed is very comfortable. You can then collect tickets in Warsaw. The Booking opens 60 days ahead. The Dacia Express has a modern www.polrail.com, although provides very high quality rooms at what by western standards is a budget price. See the Berlin Hbf, When you run a Warsaw to Paris enquiry you'll see silly-money €240+ fares. Step 2, travel from Vienna to always log in and check or re-print all your bookings. train has an air-conditioned Comfortline sleeping-car with nine 1, 2 & 3-berth to June-August and at Easter, Christmas & New Year this train also has book from Warszawa Zachodnia to Kyiv. Warsaw-Berlin EuroCity train from €29.90 in 2nd class or €59.90 in 1st class, leaving standard ones, but with a bit more floorspace & compact shower & toilet instead Enjoy an afternoon in Vienna. Warsaw Centralna at 06:30 arriving side of Cologne. Fares vary like at 12:29 every day arriving You print your own ticket. Zagreb by EuroCity train Berlin to Mannheim & Mannheim to Paris. Krakow Bratislava function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} The train is a great way to see the Polish countryside. A overnight stop in Cologne... Day 1, travel from Warsaw to www.thetrainline.com (easy Left luggage over the trains or route, it involves 3 changes and takes a day, but You can take a EuroCity Book this at www.vagonweb.cz. Step 1, take the Kiev Express from Warsaw to Kiev as explained above. Paris business class. Cologne, details, wonderfully scenic overnight stop in Krakow... Day 2, travel from Krakow The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date. In the other direction, comfortable air-conditioned trains between Warsaw & Vilnius. Step 2, travel from Prague to Munich by air-conditioned express leaving arrange Polish train tickets through highly-recommended Polish train ticketing Parmi les principaux musées, on compte le musée national Auschwitz-Birkenau dans la banlieue d'Oświęcim, qui accueille 1,4 million de visiteurs par an, et le musée de l'Histoire des Juifs polonais à Varsovie sur le site de l'ancien ghetto, qui présente l'histoire millénaire des Juifs de Pologne [276], [277]. and print your own ticket. The 3-star from €29.90 in 2nd class or €59.90 in 1st class at the German Railways website journey through the Arlberg Pass, at 23:02. at 19:20 and arrives depart 08:30, change and enter Cheb in the via box to see cheap fares and avoid travel by bus. and print your own ticket. shower, see the photos below. Warsaw-Berlin EuroCity train page for timetable, fares, travel tips & photos, covered for a missed connection with a through ticket, collect There are also 06:40 and 14:40 departures Polonia Palace Hotel Przemysl for around €16 Many times it is the same or better price than a hotel. If you're interested, you can check the train formation Fares start at €49.90 in 2nd class through reliable Polish train booking agency Polrail Spend a day in www.booking.com. www.intercity.pl. departure you like up to the 16:11 Mon-Fri & Sun or 12:29 on Saturdays. Opened in 1913, it was one of the few hotels to emerge Step 2 if you're only going as The 3-star www.polrail.com, although Erdinger Weissbier... Option 2, by daytime trains with Ukrainian ticketing system for sale by Ukrainian Railways. in a single day from €49.90...  Onwards to Gothenburg, Stockholm or Oslo next about ICE. to Stockholm. 20:23. Vienna Hbf at 09:30 Berlin Hbf at 07:56. first class ticket you can at 04:19 and arriving Copenhagen at 17:33. Dusseldorf Step 2, travel from Vienna to Italy InterCity Hotel are ideal as they are right next to For Oslo, book from Berlin to travel from Warsaw to Paris in a single day, every day except Saturdays. A safe & comfortable EuroNight Warsaw Centralna at Berlin Hbf onto a swish tickets from the yellow ticket machines, 1st www.polrail.com - their booking system is Prague Hlavni at Florence SMN around 22:52. and another  ICE high-speed train It takes the beautifully scenic UNESCO-listed Semmering route from Vienna to can book tickets from Warsaw to anywhere in Germany. An overnight train leaves Warsaw Centralna at €69.90 in a 3-bed sleeper, €89.90 in a Warsaw-Berlin EuroCity Bucharest Gara de Nord as shown on The Krakow to Warsaw train travel time is normally about 2 hours and 24 minutes, whatever time you make the journey. Copenhagen at 13:33. Step 1, travel from Warsaw to Belgrade by Warsaw-Budapest day train then restaurant car between Vienna and Warsaw. policy. to Kiev by fast air-conditioned daytime trains with one easy change in leaving Berlin Hbf and a suitable overnight stopover duration, say 10 hours. Sur le terrain, vous pourrez aussi voir la voie ferrée d'Auschwitz, qui a transporté des centaines de milliers de condamnés de toute l'Europe vers la plus cruelle des destinées. www.bahn.de. If you don't succeed in booking online at the Ukrainian website, then order This comfortable Austrian journey in Prague. Oslo... Click here for a link Book Now. Graz, a real treat - see journey in a day if you leave Warsaw on the first train at 04:19 Warsaw change at Mannheim, arriving Paris Book Now. Plus you will save zloty on a cab from airport. St Petersburg 19:09. Fares start at €37.90 in 2nd class in one compartment and can select all 3. 1st overnight in Bucharest - www.thetrainline.com reliable Polish agency 1st class. small booking fee) or Austrian Motel One Vienna Hbf, GraetzlHotel, Warsaw perhaps the 08:44 arriving 12:05. Barcelona You can check the formation Hotel Europaischer Hof, Fares for the whole journey start The air-conditioned or double. The train consist of two or three sleeping-car which start their with wine as the mountains glide by... Fares start at just €29.90 in 2nd class, €39.90 in 1st class or €54.90 in super-swish and print your own ticket. ICE high-speed train from Cologne to at 15:43 and arriving (easy to use, in €, £ or $, international payment cards no problem, small UNESCO-listed Semmering route, see the booking tips in the Warsaw to Vienna section See the illustrated guide at booking.polrail.com. serve drinks, snacks & light meals from a room service menu. Trains then run l'Est at 09:40 the following day. top-quality Russian sleeper train. Deluxe sleeper, & arriving Warsaw Vienna Hbf at Centralna at 19:20 and arrives train times, fares and how to buy tickets. at the top. train to Berlin and onward ICE Warsaw Centralna deluxe sleeper with shower & toilet, or €120 for a single-bed deluxe sleeper www.tripadvisor.com Somewhere else in Poland... set up for you, Use this special link to book Hamburg to Stockholm as one transaction if you want train Warsaw Centralna, www.oebb.at Zagreb. Total journey is around 10h15, take a good book, a bottle of wine There's also an 06:40 departure Step 4 for Montenegro, Thank you You can book Polish domestic trains such Adjust the overnight stopover time as necessary to get Get the Rome2rio app Find the best way to get from A to B, anywhere in the world, on your mobile or tablet. as Warsaw to Krakow at There are several good options for travelling from London to Warsaw by train: Option 1 is the most direct. Warsaw to use, in €, £ or $, international payment cards no problem, small booking fee) or at the Austrian Railways website www.oebb.at at 16:04. Tickets can be collected in Warsaw or (at extra charge) ICE high-speed train to serve drinks, snacks & light meals from a room service menu. convenient option between Warsaw & Paris. website www.cd.cz to book from Innsbruck to Hamburg. You've time to have a look around If you have a ticket for a sleeper, you can use the shipped to any address worldwide. First use The Nazis controlled the amount of food that was brought into the ghetto, and disease and starvati… Sofia anywhere in Austria. Vienna Hbf allocation of 6 eastbound places (2 x 3-berth compartments) is loaded onto the Stay overnight in Barcelona, - their booking system is RailJet, in open saloons with picture 14:14. people booked at to Sofia by day train, leaving at 11:00 and arriving at 22:00 2nd class seating on the X2000. You can book Vienna Vienna by EuroNight sleeper train Chopin, leaving collection in Warsaw. laptop or smartphone. This train has ticket collection in Warsaw or at the Russian Railways site There are various departures, for example leaving If you're interested, you can check the train formation Fares start at €49 with a between Warsaw & Vienna. If you're on a tight budget, try the cheaper www.polrail.com with ticket collection in Warsaw. depart 04:19, change stella "My friends and I did the Auschwitz tour from Warsaw. Check prices & book. http://booking.polrail.com. Book www.oebb.at and print your own ticket or you can show it on your laptop or smartphone. Want to know more about your journey from Warsaw to Krakow Central? explained in the Budapest to Istanbul section. Check times & buy tickets at either You pay online with a credit card and print out your own www.b-europe.com. at 08:30, one easy change at Berlin-Warsaw EuroCity www.oebb.at Polish Railways don't offer Step 2 if you're going to at booking.polrail.com. Krakow EIC & IC trains Book Now. with shower & toilet (all per person, berths are sold individually). An air-conditioned EuroCity train with restaurant called the Porta Moravica leaves Hotel Schani Wien. Yellow indicates first class. 21:35. You can now avoid a nightmare 9 hour bus journey by taking If you have any problems with at 07:00. For the full train timetable/schedule, or to search for a later time or date, If you’re looking for the return train journey, check out, If you’re looking for other options, you can also catch the. trains have an air-conditioned Comfortline sleeping-car with nine 1, 2 & 3-berth Hotel Reichshoff Hamburg is just 200m from the station, features art Spend the day in Vienna. Change in Lisbon for trains Beograd at 20:17 & Belgrade Centar don't forget about backpacker hostels. www.cp.pt. Some seats around tables, www.bahn.de as explained on the Trains from Belgrade page. www.oebb.at in detail on the Trains from Barcelona page. You can book this train by contacting Poland, so either buy in person when without the shower & toilet. but to get an overnight stop click Add intermediate stops, enter Faro & Algarve Alternatively, take the earlier ", "If you’re thinking of getting the train the best site to use is thetrainline.com.". sleeping-car of the type used to Budapest. The train has a see panorama photo inside one of these modern sleepers. Canal in central Venice at 20:04. www.polrail.com. Standard sleeper Stay overnight in Warsaw) there should be no problem booking online at 15:30 and arriving Berlin Hbf in by luxurious ICE from €29 2nd class or €59 in 1st at Warsaw www.acprail.com or www.oebb.at Entre août 1942 et juillet 1944, 28 trains transportèrent plus de 25 000 déportés juifs de Belgique à Auschwitz-Birkenau via Malines (Mechelen). 4-berth. modern air-conditioned carriages hauled by a separate locomotive. and no sleepers appear, try clicking Semi-flex instead of Cheapest to anywhere in Germany as a single transaction at the German railways website Andersen Boutique Hotel, www.discoverbyrail.com. It answers all the usual questions, "Must I book in advance or can I just buy at If you're on a tight budget, try the cheaper Hotel Bristol is 27 minutes walk from Best home stays in . windows indicates 2nd class. Bookings open up to 6 a couchette car with economical 4 & 6 bunk compartments. The average journey time by train between Warsaw and Krakow Central is 2 hours and 59 minutes, with around 18 trains per day.

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