I thought it was a desert mirage– it instantly grabbed my eyes and heart. Volkswagen a présenté en première mondiale, lors du salon du camping-car de Düsseldorf, son nouveau T6 version 6.1 en finition California Beach (modèle d'entrée de gamme). Am I missing something? You can opt for shade spots, low limbs, car access only, etc. Same for V6 and V8.) It is ridiculous that we are held hostage by our own government regulations. That stat from my arse was more of a tie into my entire rant, wherein I can't go to town without seeing multiple PT Cruisers — one of the most accident prone (cause, windows are for nerds) vehicles on the road. A VENDRE: Volkswagen California OCEAN T6.1 est la référence sur le marché du van aménagé d’occasion et la dernière version de sa génération. But i promised her i would have a new camper one day!! It just seems like they could re-engineer the California for the US market – i.e., increase the price, or eliminate the some of the most expensive-to-manufacture features, or some combination of both. Dormir à la belle étoile. A la fois camionnette et fourgon aménagé, le volkswagen california allie le côté pratique d'une voiture spacieuse facile à conduire sur la route qu'en ville avec l'aménagement type camping-car. That’s millions of potential buyers. I owned a Eurovan Weekender for about 12 years and it was my favorite vehicle. Au sein de la gamme Transporter, le California séduit obligatoirement les amateurs de loisirs. Or alternatively add a premium to the sell price to make the #s work for them in order to meet the demand in the US? Wow this car is really kick-ass! In Europe, Transporters are used as a base van for anything from ambulances, to plumber’s vans, to courtesy shuttles so there is enough volume for all VW dealers know how to work on the vehicle side. À l’intérieur, le confort est de mise, on retrouve des sièges et une table repliables bien intégrés à l’habitacle. The issue will be maintenance and parts but I’ve always use normal garages to fix my previous VW T5’s unless under warranty. ): combined 9.0 – 7.9. Just trying to see if it makes financial sense. Volkswagen Volkswagen utilitaire × IDEES CADEAUX (34) ACCESSOIRES D'HIVER (72) BLACK FRIDAY (25) CONFORT & PROTECTION (500) MULTIMEDIA (42) PACKS (55) PRODUITS D'ENTRETIEN (27) Divers (2) … And and getting parts is going to require importing most items from Europe. In that sense, this van … Buhlmann says that VW would need to sell 200,000 California vans for the product to be economically viable. Frustrating, my guess is that it is part of a strategy to flood the US market with the all electric vw counter culture bus in 2022. looking forward to it but need a van NOW. Speaking of which, town that is, standard parking spots are 18 feet long. A lot of the bells and whistles in a van like the VW Cali are not necessary and a home build (if you/I can do it) is far cheaper and more specific to your personal needs. But people are climbing over each other to drop twice that on a Sprinter van, buying far, far more van than most actually need, and Mercedes isn’t complaining. Millenials would gobble them up. The 2022 VW I.D Buzz is not a camper, and I prefer the body style of the California. Probably not enough to build a support structure for the vans themselves and the camper part. Plenty of vans to chose from. Or the $80,000+ customs mentioned by the OP, literally selling faster than they can make them? No. Respectfully, I can bring them in. We asked Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle drivers to share their most epic road trips at home in Ireland. Įsiminti . Millions of people will randomly join in when they see others doing so, let alone your measily 200,000 target for us actual campers/explorers. Both of these problems are solved by the super trendy n cyclically stylish (you don't even have to be a camper to want/drive one of these) VW California. That eats gas. Took forever to sell them. The base model starts at nearly $50k, without shipping charges, which, sure that’s a lot of money. I say bring one of those camper vans to the US and see how many orders you get for them, especially if they under 50,000 dollars. The California 6.1 is perfect for the road trip on the coast. And for the shopping tour in the urban jungle. Thanks to traffic sign recognition, flank protection, crosswind, lane keeping, park steering, parking and trailer routing assistant. Compact and driveability as anti-selling points? At this moment, the only brand new AWD or 4×4 options in the states are the insanely inflated diesel Sprinters or the highly anticipated (sad) 2020 Ford Transit. Shoot him an email and let him know your thoughts on the matter. Point proven once again by Bulhmann's take on 2004 America in 2016 — or whenever the BLOODY interview was conducted. If so, how did he respond. Grâce à une simple manœuvre électrohydraulique par commande d’un écran tactile au plafonnier, le toit du California … Fully fitted kitchen. Selling and supporting Californias is tricky even in Europe. Dans les versions VW California Tour et Club, le camping-car à base de la VW T4 est également disponible avec un empattement prolongé et une transmission intégrale. I have money in hand. I will be buying one of these for myself and getting it shipped here. → Manipulation du hayon, très encombrant et lourd. Here’s what doesn’t add up for me: why does VW require 200K units sold for this to be viable? Thinking of buying 2 more and selling them. Last year, my wife and I were waiting for a ferry in Croatia and a guy in line had a California van (not a camper). Maybe VW recognizes this as well. VW Interior TMI Interiors Products for Classic Volkswagen Interiors, Bug Interiors, Ghia , Bus, Thing, Type 3, Rabbit, Cabriolet. The younger generation, want something smaller and affordable. Look up Those are people who are hardcore fans for this segment, but they’re just too few to justify making a new version of this only for this market. I’m sure a black market would spring up for resales But, would you be able to get it licensed to drive? Do you know if there are any cabinet parts available from the European California Ocean Camper so I might modify my 1999 VW Eurovan camper. 06-07 Volkswagen Beetle GeekSquad.jpg 2,516 × 1,788; 420 KB I was told at my VW dealership that it would cost the VW company quite a lot of money to do the testing to verify that it meets our standards. It’s as if they haven’t heard of #vanlife. Surely a European car, especially from Germany, would meet US standards? Will you send me the details of how you know that? etc…simply saying there isn’t a market for $50,000 camper vans in the US doesn’t make the statement true, nor remotely accurate. You can buy one and import it for $58k. That truly clears things up. This would obviously be worse in the US where no support infrastructure exists at all. L’absence d’isolation, pleinement assumée par VW, permet aussi de gagner du volume intérieur, selon le constructeur… Loin d’être totalement irréprochable, le VW California soulève encore des remarques, sinon des critiques. Some call it the “travel bug”. It is very similar to the Buhlmann went on to explain that VW is aware people love vans in the US, but they’d need to sell 200,000 units to make it worthwhile, economically. Three percent? Prepare a tasty meal anywhere, any time. Sa vitesse de pointe est de 194 km/h et il passe de 0 à 100 km/h en 11,3 secondes. Avec son équipement intérieur confortable et ses détails réfléchis, il transforme chaque trajet en une aventure inoubliable. Others a “yearning for adventure”. Or, is it illegal to have one in US? So why can’t we get this thing here? Last — kind f annoying that Adventure Journal was too lazy to call up VW themselves and get some one to comment in 2019, instead of relying on an interview “a few years ago.”. By American standards, I'm poor. ... Intérieur : Tous coloris disponibles. 34 000 € 2012 Dyzelinas Mechaninė 103 kW 110 200 km Šiauliai . Therefore, people in the majority would rather go for something bigger, if they’re looking for RVs.”. I travel internationally for my job and every time we’re out and about a coworker will always comment derisively about how “small” and tiny the foreign cars are (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. There’s a two-burner stove, the front captain seats swivel, the rear bench seat reclines, the tables stow easily for huge amounts of floor space. Long story short: unless VW were able to also sell the full range of other Transporters in the US, reengineering just the California and creating a support system for it would be ridiculously expensive. Vente en ligne de Piéces détachées combi type 2 combi VW et transporter Volkswagen de 1950 à 2003 - Transporter T5 & T6 - Accessoire / Equipement intérieur et extérieur - Equipement intérieur Shall we point out the ludicrous asking price for the thousands of 30 yr old rigs with 100 lb batteries n generators with insulations and hoses crumbling to bits? At $50k, almost no one under 30 could afford it. Comparaison avec des voitures similaires en taille. ! Dormir sous un ciel étoilé. – Porsche: 59,116 vehicles HP x360 14c-ca0053dx 14″ Convertible Chromebook - Core i3 10110U 2.1 GHz - 8 GB RAM - 64 GB SSD - Mineral Silver/Sandblasted Cover Finish Also, NO ONE sells 200,000 camper vans a year in any country, don’t know where that figure came from. I wish I could post a photo of our 2012 Nissan NV 2500 Sportsmobile with pop top and same floor plan as our ‘83 West. I wish there was a way to import it. Tesla did this in 2016 with the Model 3 and got 325,000 pre-orders. We have been waiting for a new van for so many years since there’s really no great replacement for a VW Rialto. Importing parts will take time but it’s not impossible and these vehicles usually just require like for like part replacements. Thanks Robin. [In my case, I am old enough that this wouldn’t matter because I would keep it until I die! Mine runs great, has low mileage and since I can’t seem to import a vehicle from Europe, I am wondering if I can get parts to modify the cabinet section (cooler/refrigerator, sink, stovetop and storage below these items). And my kids would be thrilled to find this in their inheritance! I would buy a California tomorrow. the vw eurovan sales in the us were nowhere near where they needed to be. Was fun project for my Wife and Daughter!! Soooooo much cheaper. Contact info? Whole sections of counties have to evacuate with little notice. Le camping-car bénéficie d’un restylage intérieur et extérieur ainsi qu’une nouvelle unité de commande. California and Westfalia. My down jacket was $380. These would sell in the states like hotcakes. Avec son équipement intérieur … I have cold hard cash that I would immediately pay for the new VW California van. The company that brought us one of the first camping ready vans, the Microbus, and later iterations of the Vanagon and even the underrated Eurovan, sells a van purpose-built for camping and living out of, calls it the “California,” looks at the booming market for overlanding vehicles and camper vans in the US, and still refuses to sell it here. I think more baby boomers are moving towards getting some type of RV, especially since Covid-19 came onto the scene. Another thing is VW is selling an electric van here in 2022. Most if not all of the converted Nissan NV 2500 or 3500 you see are the high top version. Ford can sell boatloads of Transit vans, for example, but they’re one of the Big Three, so they can sell a ton of anything they make. Volkswagen vient d’annoncer l’arrivée de son nouveau California 6.1. Required fields are marked *. Consultez les fiches techniques Volkswagen California de L'argus : les prix, les caractéristiques techniques et les options de l'ensemble des Volkswagen California In 2018, Volkswagen sold 354,053 new vehicles (all VW models in total) in the US. Unfortunately, the Metris isn’t sold as a 4×4 in the states, but the Tecamp is really sweet 🙂, In 2012, we bought a Nissan NV converted by Sportsmobile, Fresno. Volkswagen California… For all of us actually living in the states, we are WELL AWARE of the incredibly high demand for AWD, compact, short wheel base, narrow bodied, trail-capable and overland-ready camper vans.